TheVoiceOfJoyce Putin refuses a Christmas ceasefire unless Ukraine recognizes the annexation of the 4 territories. This is Russian reality and not the reality on Ukrainian ground. Heavy fighting in Kherson and Russia bombed their municipal center. 64 Ukrainian soldiers were returned with one American. All 13 drones aimed at Kyiv were destroyed. Patriot defense missiles are on their way to Ukraine. Generators and humanitarian supplies going to Ukraine and the Baltic States are joining NATO. Putin has solidified all of Europe. Imperialism is out! Conquest is out!

Peskov insisted Ukraine needed to accept new territorial “realities”, including that the Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk and Luhansk provinces of Ukraine were Russia’s “new subjects”. Most UN member countries have condemned Moscow’s annexation of the Ukrainian regions as illegal.

In response, Podolyak said it was Peskov and President Vladimir Putin to accept the “new reality” that “there are no stolen Ukrainian territories within the [Russian Federation] ‘forever’”.

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