TheVoiceOfJoyce Ukrainian counteroffensive is going well in spite of the latest round of Russian missiles. 72 have been unleashed again, destroying power to Kharkiv and hitting an apartment house in Kherson. 40 were repelled over Kyiv. Zelensky’s and British intelligence believe Putin is preparing to step up the War on Ukraine by the New Year. He’s meeting with Belarus and one assumes he might strike from there? In any case, Ukraine would be no natch for more missiles and 150,000 to 300,000 recently trained troops, without the military assistance they’re requested. The Patriots and other weapons must come soon. Putin is preparing to win and this reporter , believes he won’t wait too long.

Vladimir Putin is preparing for a major new offensive in the new year, Ukraine’s defence minister has said. In an interview with the Guardian, Oleksii Reznikov, said evidence was emerging that the Kremlin was preparing a broad new campaign despite a series of humiliating battlefield setbacks for Russia in recent months. Referring to Russia’s partial mobilisation of about 300,000 soldiers, Reznikov suggested that while half – often after receiving minimal training – were being used to reinforce Moscow’s forces now, the remainder were being prepared more thoroughly for future offensives.

Putin will visit Belarus on Monday, AFP is reporting, citing the Minsk presidential press service. Putin’s visit comes as the UK warns that Belarus is reportedly holding “readiness exercises”. Russia has also deployed extra units of mobilised reservists to Belarus. The UK Ministry of Defence wrote that Belarusian troops would be unlikely to constitute a force capable of conducting a successful new assault into northern Ukraine.

The head of Ukraine’s armed forces believes Russia will make a renewed attempt at capturing the capital, Kyiv, after its previous attack was repelled earlier this year. In an interview with the Economist, Gen Valeriy Zaluzhny said he was trying to prepare for Russian forces to have another go at taking the city, possibly in February or March.

European Union states should buy arms jointly to replenish stocks after supplying Ukraine, said the bloc’s defence agency, warning the United States may not always be able to shield Europe from threats. “The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine demonstrates our capability shortfalls,” said Jiri Sedivy, chief executive of the European Defence Agency, an EU body that helps the bloc’s governments to develop their military capabilities.

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