TheVoiceOfJoyce Day 298, the Ukrainian counteroffensive is working. Even when Russia unleashes 90 missiles, the Ukrainians manage to keep the lights and water on in Kyiv. A dome is being built around the Zaporizhizhia Nuclear Power Plant to protect spent nuclear fuel. There is a permanent UN mission stationed around the Plant. Russian morale is low and it hasn’t stopped them from stealing the Scythian Gold from Ukrainian museums. Since Putin isn’t giving his “normal “ New Years address to the media, he must be contemplating a Peace or an advance, possibly from Belarus. Putin has lost. No matter how many more lives he sends to die, his cause is unjust, the Ukrainians have shown their desire for being separate from Russia and part of NATO. An unintended consequence of Putin’s War, NATO has enlarged and is taking on more members. Why choose isolation, Putin? There is always a way out and a way forward?

The installation of a protective dome has begun over the spent-fuel storage area at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, an official from the province’s Moscow-installed authorities said.

Vladimir Rogov said the dome would protect against fragments of shells and improvised explosive devices carried by drones, Associated Press reported.

The Russian-occupied plant in south-east Ukraine – Europe’s biggest nuclear power station – has been repeatedly shelled and its six reactors have been shut down for months.

The International Atomic Energy Agency recently announced plans to station nuclear safety and security experts at Ukraine’s nuclear power plants to prevent any nuclear accident.

The UN nuclear watchdog has already deployed a permanent mission to the Zaporizhzhia plant.

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