TheVoiceOfJoyce Severe storm warning for most of our Country prior to the Christmas Holiday. Florida to see cold weather,along with Texas. Texas felt a 5.4 quake in the Permian basin, believed to be associated with fracking. Texas has had 3 quakes in the last month, linking to fracking and salty water near fault lines. The East will be unseasonably cold. Check your region for weather conditions, prior to heading out. There may be travel delays. Be safe!

This sprawling storm system coincides with the arrival of an Arctic air mass that will consume much of the country “this upcoming week”, according to the National Weather Service. Between Tuesday and Saturday, temperature highs are expected to average from 10 to 35F below normal from the north-west to the eastern two-thirds of the US.

In the northern plains and upper midwest, temperatures could plummet into the negative teens fahrenheit and extend into the central plains. From the midwest to the mid and northern portions of the eastern seaboard, temperatures are expected to fall into the single digits and teens, the meteorological agency said.

Even the southern US will not be spared, with temperatures potentially dropping in portions of normally temperate states such as Florida and Texas. The northern Gulf Coast might see below-freezing temperatures, according to the Weather Channel.

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