AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 157: “Miracles”

Dear followers,

Thank you for growing our Community. I’ve reached a new status and we’ll be able email each other. I can respond to your requests for new topics. You’re the “Boss”! 

Today’s YouTube: What concerned me and may concern you? 

Pollution Kills in many ways. 

What do we need? Healthcare, education, enforced Regulation and Cleanup. 

Do you want to preserve our Oceans, fish, biodiversity? Then, isn’t time to resolve our problems? Where’s the will? 

My personal hot button issue now, Close Rikers Island. Working with this is doable faster than The Board of Corrections thinks, which is never because they’re not thinking solutions. There are many. 

Miracles do happen. We have to believe in ourselves and do what we believe is right. 

Happy Holidays

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