TheVoiceOfJoyce Save the Antarctica and save ourselves. Stop introducing new species to the terrain, limit tourism and travel across wilderness areas. Maintain existing habitats and biodiversity. As the planet warms, the Emperor Penguin colonies are facing extinction along with many birds and nematodes, essential for soil replacement. Similarly, Climate biology is essential for contemporary teachers. Teaching Children about climate extremes and dwindling resources are the cornerstones for understanding our world and ways to protect it. If we don’t want to stay in because of the weather extremes we’re experiencing, learn science and mitigate climate warming! We need Scientists and advocates for saving our Planet! Merry Christmas!

Up to 80% of emperor penguin colonies are projected to be quasi-extinct by 2100 [population declines of more than 90%] with business-as-usual increases in greenhouse gas emissions,” it found.

Published in the journal Plos Biology, the research also found that implementing 10 key threat management strategies in parallel – which would cost an estimated US$23m annually – could benefit up to 84% of Antarctic organisms.

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