TheVoiceOfJoyce Why let someone you care about get sick with Covid. The 3 shot regimen and the new bivalent booster, makes getting Covid a non event. Why suffer when most healthy elderly Americans can have almost no symptoms when exposed to Covid. It’s not too late, immunize your children and your self and then we can be done with Covid. At least 400 people a day are dying from Covid. Everyone deserves a Merry Christmas. Be safe in many ways this Christmas; get your Covid shots and get to your destination safely. The weather patterns across America are posing hazardous conditions.

“Well, it’s certainly not [over],” Hotez said in an interview with the Guardian. “We’re still in 200-300 deaths per day. [Covid-19] is still the third or fourth leading cause of death in the United States. It’s definitely the wrong message to give, given the fact that we’re desperately trying to persuade the American people to take this [bivalent] booster.”

Hotez said that getting the bivalent booster shot is the one of the most important things people can do to protect themselves against Covid. So far, only 14.1% of the total US population above age five has received the bivalent booster shot, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

“For instance, here in Texas, where I’m based, only 7% of Texans have gotten their bivalent [booster].”

The next big coronavirus pandemic is coming

Hotez – who is nominated for a Nobel peace prize along with his colleague Dr Maria Elena Bottazzi for their work developing Corbevax, a Covid-19 vaccine they refused to patent so it could be replicated by middle- and lower-income countries – also issued a chilling warning about the future of this pandemic or any others.

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