TheVoiceOfJoyce Russia is playing a defensive game in Ukraine. Their troops are digging in, lying mine fields and laying in wait for an enemy they cannot see? Ukraine is busily recovering from 9 massive missile attacks and shutting down its electric grid from overloading consumption. Ukrainian drones have travelled 800 km into Russia and killed 3 pilots as it was shot off course. War continues. China and Putin to meet before New Years. Is there an end game?

The UK’s Ministry of Defence says Russian troops have focused mainly on constructing defensive positions along many sections of the frontline in Ukraine since October.

This includes laying additional fields of anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, it said in its latest intelligence update, which would “almost certainly [be] going beyond Russian doctrinal guidelines”.

It continued:

Minefields only present an effective obstacle for trained troops if covered by observation and fire.

A major challenge for the Russian forces will likely be a shortage of surveillance assets and trained personnel to effectively monitor large areas of the new minefields.

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