TheVoiceOfJoyce The War in Ukraine continues. Putin’s ploy to gain time by stating , he was interested in negotiations, lasted one day. Fierce fighting continues in Bakhmut and Lyman. More missile barrages , leave 9 million Ukrainians without power. Putin met with the Asian States and is concentrating on helping Belarus. What will Belarus give Putin in return? Troops? Ukrainians must continue to fight and must have the weapons to repel the missile barrages. There can be no ceasefire or thoughts of peace, unless and until Ukraine’s counteroffensive is 75% effective in disarming or dismantling the Russian army on their soil.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s armed forces said a further 620 Russian servicemen were killed in the past 24 hours, bringing the total Russian losses to 103,220.

It said:

Russian enemy suffered the greatest losses (of the past day) at the Bakhmut and Lyman directions.

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