TheVoiceOfJoyce Nature can no longer reproduce animals in their original habitats. Conservationists are working with Countries to reintroduce wildlife that has been extinct. South African white rhinos were successfully translocated to Rwanda. 102,000 animals , ranging from elephants, to wildebeests,cheetahs and wild dogs were moved from Karingani game reserve to Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique. Animals are also being translocated to Kent, England, Argentina and Chile in a effort to reintroduce Bison and in South America large birds, called rheas( an ostrich like bird) . There’s even talk about reintroducing the Jaguar to the West. Man is stepping in to create life and biodiversity, where they’re needed. A good beginning to reclaiming, what was lost!

“The birth of white rhino calves is extremely exciting news,” says Peter Fearnhead, CEO of African Parks. It is the news the conservation organisation hoped for after it completed the largest ever single translocation of white rhino in November 2021. Thirty white rhinos were transported 2,100 miles from Phinda private game reserve in South Africa to Akagera national park in eastern Rwanda in a 40-hour journey completed by truck and Boeing 747.

Classified as “near threatened” by the IUCN, numbers of white rhino are declining across Africa, mainly because of poaching. The recent arrival of numerous babies in Akagera suggests the mission to create a new rhino haven is on track. “Translocation can be stressful for animals,” says Fearnhead. “Once babies start being born, it’s a sign the animals have settled well and are starting the process of building up numbers.”

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