TheVoiceOfJoyce The CDC is recommending wastewater sampling for Covid. Chinese visitors may be carrying the virus, though testing negative. Wastewater testing may determine length of quarantines when reaching US. Are we planning to Vaccinate Chinese visitors? It is one way to keep the American population safe from further Covid mutations. 9000 Chinese, on the mainland, are dying daily according to UK analysis.

Airplane wastewater analysis is among several options the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is considering to help slow the introduction of new variants into the US from other countries, a spokesperson for the agency, Kristen Nordlund, said.

“Previous Covid-19 wastewater surveillance has shown to be a valuable tool and airplane wastewater surveillance could potentially be an option,” she said in an email.

French researchers reported in July that airplane wastewater tests showed requiring negative Covid tests before international flights does not protect countries from the spread of new variants. They found the Omicron variant in wastewater from two commercial airplanes that flew from Ethiopia to France in December 2021 even though passengers had been required to take Covid tests before boarding.

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