TheVoiceOfJoyce Putin and Shoigu live in a past historical glory of their own imagination. We might as well be watching Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime, with rogue Soviets triggerring War with the West. Unfortunately, for the Ukrainian people, Russia’s war is real. Russian missiles destroy infrastructure and murder individuals. The Ukrainians are constantly battling the missiles and Russian troops. Russian advancement on Ukrainian territory hasn’t occurred since the war started. The Russians don’t hold territory. It’s the New Year, let’s hope there will be Peace, though Putin and his 2 nd are signaling the opposite.

Russian defence minister, Sergei Shoigu, said victory for Russia over Ukraine was “inevitable” as he hailed Russian soldiers’ heroism in a new year’s video message.

Moscow’s defence chief, who has been heavily criticised by pro-war voices in Russia for battlefield failures during the 10-month campaign, said the situation on the frontlines remained “difficult” and lambasted Ukraine and the west for trying to contain Russia.

“We meet the new year in a difficult military-political situation,” Shoigu said, according to Reuters. “At a time when there are those who are trying to erase our glorious history and great achievements, demolish monuments to the victors over fascism, put war criminals on a pedestal, cancel and desecrate everything Russian.”

With bloody fighting ongoing across the 1,000-km (600-mile) frontline, and Russia not having secured any territorial gains since the first months of the war, Shoigu told Russian soldiers: “Victory, like the new year, is inevitable.”

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