TheVoiceOfJoyce The Ukrainian counteroffensive is working and they’re able to take advantage of Russian troops’ weakness. Luckily for the Ukrainians, the Russians used their mobile phones near an ammunition depot and both were destroyed. More worrisome, are the navy ships armed for action in the Black Sea and the three ships in the Azov Sea that show no identification? Zelensky is convinced, more Russian troops are massing for a last fight. Are the Ukrainians prepared with enough weapons? They can’t afford to lose.

Russia’s defence ministry on Wednesday blamed the illegal use of mobile phones by its soldiers for a deadly Ukrainian missile strike that it said killed 89 servicemen, raising the reported death toll significantly. Moscow previously said 63 Russian soldiers were killed in the weekend strike on Makiivka. Although an official investigation has been launched, the main reason for the attack was clearly the illegal mass use of mobile phones by servicemen, the ministry said. “This factor allowed the enemy to track and determine the coordinates of the soldiers’ location for a missile strike,” it said in a statement issued just after 1:00 am in Moscow on Wednesday.

The UK’s Ministry of Defence, in its daily intelligence briefing, said “Given the extent of the damage, there is a realistic possibility that ammunition was being stored near to troop accommodation, which detonated during the strike creating secondary explosions. The Russian military has a record of unsafe ammunition storage from well before the current war, but this incident highlights how unprofessional practices contribute to Russia’s high casualty rate.”

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