TheVoiceOfJoyce Homelessness has become a major problem for most states. Why has the homeless population grown during Covid? Now that Covid funding is decreased, why aren’t suitable housing and counselors available? With budgets in the billions, there should be a mechanism to offer help. $2.4 Billion in revenue is enough to provide 44,000 + homeless people with $50,000 in services, shelter and food. It seems, we have a crisis in Leadership, too!

As the law goes into effect, state funding for homeless services in Missouri have decreased, as well as changes to other possible funding streams.

“We’re going to see less money into the homeless services community over this length of time. And so that’s very concerning, we’re already an extremely underfunded resource,” said Owsley.

Other cities and local municipalities in America have also passed measures targeting homeless individuals, through criminal consequences or forced hospitalization.

Cities across the country have seen a backlash to attempts by officials to remove homeless encampments or limit where unhoused people can camp.

In August, the Los Angeles city council voted to ban homeless encampments within 500ft of schools and daycares, an extension of the city’s anti-camping law that has enabled police to sweep encampments, reported Spectrum News 1.

The ordinance passed as a federal program that moved homeless people into hotels during the Covid-19 pandemic ended.

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