TheVoiceOfJoyce Uber drivers aren’t the problem, the parent company enjoys too many tax privileges. Uber should be legally bound to claim their drivers as employees and pay them a living wage, dictated by Law. 7.42% per minute and $27.15 for a 30 minute trip. The Taxi drivers Union supports Uber drivers. Why should the Uber Corporation receive tax breaks and enormous salaries, while their drivers can’t survive inflation. Lift the Uber Corporation’s order blocking driver pay raises. Huber drivers were on strike yesterday. On the 9 th, nurses will strike 8 major city hospitals for standards of care, wages and benefits. Labor is entitled to pay with decency, the end of short staffing and burnout!

Uber’s opposition to the raise and fair hike for drivers comes as the impact of inflation has caused the cost of living to increase across the country.

In November, the TLC approved raises for drivers by 7.42% per minute and 23.93% per mile. The raise would require that drivers be paid a minimum of $27.15 for a 30 minute, or 7.5 mile trip – an increase of more than $4.00 from original rates and more than $2.50 from current rates.

But Uber called TLC’s proposed hike “economically unjustifiable”.

The raise was expected to go into effect at the end of 2022, but Uber’s lawsuit has blocked it. On Friday, a hearing will be held to determine whether to keep or lift the order blocking the raise.

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