AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 160: “AI & Neanderthals”

When AI and crowdsourcing are changing how we fight Wars, can we afford a dysfunctional Congress?

So many problems; Climate Change, Weather Extremes, labor strikes, Unionization, Inflation reduction, pollution, the list is long. And so are the Solutions. Who’s working on the Solutions if Congress works glacially and even the Glaciers are melting faster?

No sir, this isn’t a time for a lack of Cooperation. The World works better when America leads. Whether it’s Foreign Policy or domestic policy, our decision making process is shortened. I can’t believe, with so much promise for a revived economy in 2023, we’re going to hold back America’s destiny for one man’s ego.

I’d like to see American progress continue, wouldn’t you?

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