TheVoiceOfJoyce It’s been proved scientifically, by reviewing Exxon Mobil trove of documents, that Exxon accurately predicted, in the 1970’s, the rise in Carbon emissions and the 2 degrees Celsius warming we’re experiencing. Rather than act to stop Global Warming, Exxon chose to lobby heavily for continuation of their products use and waged an effective misinformation, climate denial campaign on Social Media. Exxon profited from their extra years of Fossil Fuel use and continues to profit from the their marketing campaigns. “We the People” are suffering for their avarice. Every American whose family has suffered from Climate Change can mount a Lawsuit against them and the other oil companies who predicted Global warming in the 2000 and assessed the consequences. Our losses in life and property, biodiversity, water and air pollution, were inconsequential to the Fossil Fuel Industry. The Fossil Fuel industry was only concerned with their profits and now it’s time for them to pay to for the reversal of Climate Warming.

A new study, however, has made clear that Exxon’s scientists were uncannily accurate in their projections from the 1970s onwards, predicting an upward curve of global temperatures and carbon dioxide emissions that is close to matching what actually occurred as the world heated up at a pace not seen in millions of years.

Exxon scientists predicted there would be global heating of about 0.2C a decade due to the emissions of planet-heating gases from the burning of oil, coal and other fossil fuels. The new analysis, published in Science, finds that Exxon’s science was highly adept and the “projections were also consistent with, and at least as skillful as, those of independent academic and government models”.

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