TheVoiceOfJoyce The Super Rich meet at Davos and 200 of them declare their Patriotism and desire for taxation. When 200 of the Super Rich demand to be taxed, what’s stopping Government’s from taxing them 5% , or making FICA contributions independent of salary limits? The super rich ( top 1%) gained $23 Trillion during the pandemic, while the other 99% became poorer. $23 Trillion would wipe out our National debt. Where is the IRS when we need them?

The super-rich signatories, who brand themselves as “patriotic millionaires”, warned that inaction could lead to a catastrophe. “There’s only so much stress any society can take, only so many times mothers and fathers will watch their children go hungry while the ultra rich contemplate their growing wealth. The cost of action is much cheaper than the cost of inaction – it’s time to get on with the job.”

It comes as new research shows that almost two-thirds of the new wealth amassed since the start of the pandemic has gone to the richest 1%. The development charity Oxfam found that the best-off had pocketed $26tn (£21tn) in new wealth up to the end of 2021. That represented 63% of the total new wealth, with the rest going to the remaining 99% of people.

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