TheVoiceOfJoyce How much adaptation do we accept, before we change Fossil Fuel usage for renewables? How many years do we go without snow below 6500 ft in the Alps? Adaptation is necessary to survive now. To survive, long term, there must be plans for nuclear power, Solar and wind energies and industries less reliant on petroleum. I remember the 1980’s inVail, Colorado and being bumped off planes with my family, because a blizzard was raging. My kids remember skiing the China Bowls , in 12 ft of pristine snow. They thought that was heavenly. We’d rather have the metaphor, than the reality!

But climate scientists say there is a clear decline in snow.

“Statistically, it’s a super strong pattern: We are getting more and more years with less and less snow,” said Sabine Rumpf, a professor of environmental science at the University of Basel.

Her team has conducted satellite research showing that nearly 10 percent of snow cover was no longer present in the summer months on Alpine regions at 5,577 feet above sea level.

Sonia Seneviratne, at the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science in Zurich, said last summer was particularly unsettling because some glaciers lost up to 20 feet of ice. If global leaders do not act to limit warming to a threshold of 1.5 degrees Celsius, she said, the deterioration will quicken.

“The best case is that winters like this come again every so often,” she said. “The worst case is that in the future, this will look like a really good winter.”

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