TheVoiceOfJoyce Day 340, more villages bombed by Russia. 13 attacks were repelled by the Ukrainians and fighting continues in Donetsk. Some are silently protesting the Russian missile strike on Dnipro by putting flowers on a Ukrainian poets grave In Moscow. Putin will reinstate military training in high schools. He’s prepared for a long engagement and since , the head of the Wagner group, has been associated with his succession, he’s preparing an alternative. Meanwhile, Ukrainians bravely hold territories as they await Himars rockets, tanks, and F-16’s for a massive counteroffensive.

US military officials are reportedly urging the Pentagon to supply F-16 jets to Ukraine so the country is better able to defend itself from Russian missiles and drones.

Ukraine’s military and Russia’s Wagner private military group are both claiming to have control in the area of Blahodatne in the eastern part of the Donetsk region. “Units of Ukraine’s Defence Forces repelled the attacks of the occupiers in the areas of … Blahodatne … in the Donetsk region,” Ukraine’s armed forces said in its daily morning report, adding its forces also repelled attacks in 13 other settlements in the Donetsk region. The Wagner Group, designated by the US as transnational criminal organisation, said on the Telegram messaging app on Saturday that its units had taken control of Blahodatne.

The European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, said ahead of an EU-Ukraine summit next week that Ukraine had unconditional support from the bloc and needed to prevail against Russian attacks to defend European values. “We stand by Ukraine’s side without any ifs and buts. Ukraine is fighting for our shared values, it is fighting for the respect of international law and for the principles of democracy and that is why Ukraine has to win this war.”

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