TheVoiceOfJoyce We’re experiencing a million Americans out of work at any given time, since 2029. There are acute sicknesses from viruses and long Covid. Long Covid now effects 7% of our population and may keep 23 million people out of work for 6 months, to years. Our disability Laws require changing to reflect a new standard for disability from Covid. It’s estimated, 500,000 employees are permanently out of the workforce. Are these numbers reflected in our unemployment statistics? An additional 500,000 have left the health and hospital profession. They’re burnt out. When will everyone recognize, Covid has taken a toll on all of us. Do we need one week paid Vacation time, to decompress from the stresses of this Pandemic? Would another infusion of a Federally funded $1000 check help? It’s a thought.

For many Americans it feels like everyone is out sick right now. But there is a good reason: work absences from illness are at an all-time annual high in the US and show few signs of relenting. And it’s not just acute illness and caregiving duties keeping workers away.

About 1.5 million Americans missed work because of sickness in December. Each month, more than a million people have called out sick for the past three years. About 7% of Americans currently have long Covid, which can affect productivity and ability to work, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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