AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 163: “The Benjamins”

Have you read the news today? If you read it once a week, I understand. Who wants to hear about another mass murder or two or more? Did you know we have more guns than Americans? Seriously. Will we ever enforce Red Flag Laws, Assault Weapons Bans, background checks? If you’re religious, isn’t everyone’s life precious?

Other news, the Debt ceiling. Really? If we enforce the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, there’s no problem. America must pay its debts.

Following the Constitution resolves our gun crisis, our voting crisis and our ongoing debt crisis. It would also switch out Insurrectionists for “real“ Congressional representatives of “We the People“.

That’s why I like Science and will continue to support Scientists & ideas. In Israel, technologists and scientists will have the last word on political aspirations. They’re the Israeli economy, politicians will listen to them.

As the World turns, what’s old is new.

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