TheVoiceOfJoyce Are we becoming like Russia, jailing and murdering protestors who oppose the destruction of our natural resources? Why should a 26 yr old have been killed, in Atlanta, for protecting a large forest the police dept intends to destroy for “cop city”? 20 States have Laws, crafted by (Alec), funded by the Fossil Fuel Industry, criminalizing the people’s right to peaceful protest? These Laws violate our free speech and right to protest. Acting to protect our environment is our right. Protesting against Fossil Fuel Corporations making obscene profits, is our duty. Where are windfall taxes? Decreases in Subsidies? Instead, we reward Fossil Fuel Corporations by letting them plunder indigenous Communities and will grant the, $80 Billion more in Alaska drilling rights, while we call climate protestors terrorists? Our Laws must change to protect “We the People “ and not the polluters of our Lands, the Fossil Fuel Corporation. WHO’S THE TERRORIST?

Many of the states’ legislation shares language drafted by the American Legislative Exchange Council (Alec), a rightwing group backed by fossil fuel companies.

In Florida, South Dakota and Oklahoma, for example, a “riot” is considered to be any unauthorized action by three or more people, while in Florida, Oklahoma and Iowa drivers who injure protestors blocking traffic, a common tactic used by environmental activists, are given legal immunity.

In Arkansas, an “act of terrorism” is considered to be anything that causes “substantial damage” to a public “monument”, which could include graffiti. Across 17 Republican-controlled states, protesters face up to 10 years in prison and million-dollar fines for offences.

The broad application of these laws, as well as accompanying legislation that criminalize people and organizations that support allegedly dangerous protestors, “chill activism and make it riskier for people to be involved in their right to protest”, said Page.

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