TheVoiceOfJoyce A dead whale washed up on Hawaiian shores and man’s fishing debris and plastic nets were the cause of death. The plastic containers were so large they blocked ingestion of food. Whales swim thousands of miles, so we don’t know where the nets and other debris were eaten. The Oceans are not a dump, though 35 million tons of plastic waste accumulate in it yearly. When we clean up our waste, we’ll have less pollutants, toxicity and more fish.

Kristi West, the director of the University of Hawaii’s Health and Stranding Lab, said there were enough foreign objects in the opening of the whale’s intestinal tract to block food.

“The presence of undigested fish and squid lends further evidence of a blockage,” she said in a news release from the Hawaii department of land and natural resources.

The whale’s stomach contained six hagfish traps, seven types of fishing net, two types of plastic bags, a light protector, fishing line and a float from a net. Researchers also found squid beaks, fish skeletons and remains of other prey in the whale’s stomach.

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