TheVoiceOfJoyce On day 345, a momentous announcement from Moscow, they’re staying to fight in Ukraine because the Donbas region isn’t secured? Really, makes me wonder, how were those provinces annexed? They never belonged to Russia? Ditto for Crimea. Russia is now nationalizing 500 properties in order to secure their Russian lineage? Really? The EU leaders are meeting with Zelensky to discuss weapons, sanctions, Russian oil price caps and the forming of the International Court in The Hague to hear war crimes. They are united with Ukraine. Italian Air defenses are coming to protect the cities. Let’s hope all weapons and defenses are in place before the next Russian offensive occurs.

The Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said on Friday morning that the war would continue in Ukraine as Donbas was not “fully protected yet”.

Russian-installed authorities in Crimea said on Friday that they had nationalised about 500 properties in the peninsula, including some belonging to senior Ukrainian politicians and business figures.

Nato has called on Russia to fulfil its obligations under the Start nuclear reductions treaty.

Norway will order 54 new German-made Leopard tanks for its army from the KraussMaffei Group, the Norwegian public broadcaster NRK reported on Friday.

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