TheVoiceOfJoyce Child Labor Laws exist to protect our children from work place abuse. They’re not authorized to work in car factories or at JBS meat processing plants. School work comes first. Work to help support families must be safe, protected by employee compensation, provide work stubs and be less demanding and more safe than adult work. There is no reason to make child work laws, Corporate friendly. Corporations abuse the Laws of the Land and then want to change the Laws, to avoid responsibility. The Unions are right, no need to roll back Laws that shield children from harm. #JustSayNo

As child labor law violations have been on the rise in the US, some state legislators are pushing for changes at state and federal levels to roll back protections in what some see as a threat to return child labor to the country.

The laws aim to expand permissible work hours, broaden the types of jobs young workers are permitted to do, and shield employers from liability for injuries, illnesses or workplace fatalities involving very young workers.

Sanitation firm accused of employing 31 children at animal slaughter facilities

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