AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 165: “Choices”

We’re not as liberal as we think we are. It’s a fact. Throughout our history, we’ve made choices that harm others. Why did we make those choices? Why do we fear the immigrants?

We have choices to make. If we provided a social safety net for everyone, would they make different choices? Would they be more respectful of others?

If we taught American History to kids, would they grow up to make better choices? Our history of slavery shaped Nazi Laws and gave them a “legal” framework to commit Genocide. Shouldn’t kids examine our history, our Policies and determine if they’d make the same choices, again?

Our life consists of many choices. The Alps are being invaded by Cacti. Should we continue using Fossil Fuels or committing ourselves to less biodiversity and climate change? It’s a choice.

Having a social safety net is a choice.
Corporate Taxation is a choice.
Fossil fuel subsidies are a choice.

Can we make better choices, when we know the facts and our history?

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