TheVoiceOfJoyce The Canals of Venice are drying up . There’s been a drought in Italy and higher than normal temperatures. They call it an anti cyclone effect. The Po River is 61% of capacity and lack of rainfall in the Alps has contributed to low levels in the Canals, when flooding would have been normal. World cooperation is a necessity, raising awareness about the harms of fossil fuels, is a necessity. In Southeast Asia, where non cooperation is typical, no one can breathe from the air pollution. There coal burning and burning fields are contributing to increased levels of Carbon emissions and then the heat. It would take $5 Billion to cure the problems in Southeast Asia and generate $52 Billion in revenue. The math makes sense. It’s hard to change, I know, but change we must!

Weeks of dry winter weather have raised concerns that Italy could face another drought after last summer’s emergency, with the Alps having received less than half of their normal snowfall, according to scientists and environmental groups.

The warning comes as Venice, where flooding is normally the primary concern, faces unusually low tides that are making it impossible for gondolas, water taxis and ambulances to navigate some of its famous canals.

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