AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Knowing a chemical is causing Cancer, may not matter to the EPA or Chevron, however, having cancer is no joke. Going through Chemo, surgeries and perhaps radiation are terrible experiences. The thought that you may not survive is ever present as you give into the needs of your body, merely to survive. It’s obscene that EPA regulations allow 7.1 cancers per 1000 people experiencing air pollution. If you live in Port Arthur , Texas, your chances of getting cancer are 1 in 54 people. When do we value American lives? When do we stop making Laws favoring Fossil Fuel Companies? #PoliticsAffectsUs

Nevertheless, ProPublica and the Guardian did obtain one consent order that covers a dozen Chevron fuels made from plastics that were reviewed under the program. Although the EPA had blacked out sections, including the chemicals’ names, that document showed that the fuels that Chevron plans to make at its Pascagoula refinery present serious health risks, including developmental problems in children and cancer and harm to the nervous system, reproductive system, liver, kidney, blood and spleen.

Aside from the chemical that carries a 25% lifetime risk of cancer from smoke-stack emissions, another of the Chevron fuels ushered in through the program is expected to cause 1.2 cancers in 10,000 people – also far higher than the agency allows for the general population. The EPA division that screens new chemicals typically limits cancer risk from a single air pollutant to one case of cancer in a million people. The agency also calculated that air pollution from one of the fuels is expected to cause 7.1 cancers in every 1,000 workers – more than 70 times the level EPA’s new chemicals division usually considers acceptable for workers.

In addition to the chemicals released through the creation of fuels from plastics, the people living near the Chevron refinery are exposed to an array of other cancer-causing pollutants, as ProPublica reported in 2021. In that series, which mapped excesscancer risk from lifetime exposure to air pollution across the US, the highest chance was one cancer in 53 people, in Port Arthur, Texas.

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