AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce If the Republican Party is the champion of Labor, why aren’t they passing Laws to strengthen the clout of the NLRB? Why isn’t the pro labor head of the NLRB being funded and advising on Legislation for a Clean Slate for Labor? Why does it take years to get a contract, after Labor Unionizes? Why aren’t there heavy fines for Corporate abusers of Labor? There’s only one answer, it suits the House of Representatives to remain mute on the Pro Act of March 2021. “We the People”, don’t pay Legislators, the major Corporations pay them. That’s why we’ve learned to hate the other guy, instead of looking upwards and noticing who has the power. There is no Corporate accountability because policy makers won’t legislate accountability, it’s against their self interest. #PoliticsAffectsUS

Under federal law, employers can’t be fined for illegal delays or bargaining in bad faith. The proposed protecting the right to organize (Pro) act sought to overcome lengthy delays by providing that if the two sides failed to reach a contract within 120 days of a new union’s being certified, a panel of arbitrators should be appointed to decide on the terms of a first two-year contract. The Pro act would also allow for substantial fines against employers that violate the law when fighting unions. The House of Representatives approved the Pro act in March 2021, but, facing a filibuster and unanimous Republican opposition, the legislation went nowhere in the Senate.

Sachs says corporations have sizable incentives to violate the law when battling against unions because the National Labor Relations Act doesn’t provide for any fines for illegal actions. “We need to fundamentally change the incentive structure facing employers during union drives,” he said. “You can change the incentive structure in different ways. Consumers can do it if there is a national boycott of Starbucks or Apple or Chipotle or REI. That would have a huge impact. The other way to change the incentive structure would be to have massive monetary damages for anti-union violations. That would require not only legislative change, but the courts to order damage awards – and that would be a slow process.”

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