AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce What’s happening to our Global society? Young adults, 18-24 yrs old, are reporting fewer relationships and higher incidence of mental health issues. They’re probably not alone in their isolation. Men and women in their 50’s, are suffering from discrimination against their age, in the workplace, resulting in depression. Lack of permanent childcare and paid leave are taking its toll on all workers and women in particular. Why are governments not recognizing the harm being done to people by policies. #PoliticsAffectsUs

People aged 18 to 24 also had a lower “social self”, a metric that measures how an individual perceives themselves and the ability to maintain meaningful relationships. They were also three times more likely not to get along with family members, reporting higher rates of family instability and conflict.

Young adults were also more likely not to have close friends, compared with those 75 and older, reported the survey.

“This pattern, apparent even prior to the pandemic, represents a sharp reversal of patterns documented prior to 2010, indicating a dramatic decline in mental wellbeing with each younger generation rather than an increase in wellbeing as we age,” noted the study.

Family relationships are diminishing worldwide, according to the research, which could hurt a person’s mental health.

People with no close friendships and poor familial relationships are 10 times more likely to experience poor mental health, the research found.

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