AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Methane emissions come mostly from oil and gas fields, coal and agricultural waste. The leaks into the atmosphere are preventable. MAINTENANCE at fossil fuel facilities is needed to prevent leaks and would make all sites more efficient. We can convert gas from waste into fuel and change cow’s diet. Methane accounts for 25% of greenhouse gases, it takes 10 yrs to dissipate. #PoliticsAffectsUs, when voting insist Legislators mandate new procedures to curb greenhouse gases. Aren’t you interested in a healthy long life?

Methane emissions cause 25% of global heating today and there has been a “scary” surge since 2007, according to scientists. This acceleration may be the biggest threat to keeping below 1.5C of global heating and seriously risks triggering catastrophic climate tipping points, researchers say.

The two new datasets identify the sites most critical to preventing methane-driven disaster, as tackling leaks from fossil fuel sites is the fastest and cheapest way to slash methane emissions. Some leaks are deliberate, venting the unwanted gas released from underground while drilling for oil into the air, and some are accidental, from badly maintained or poorly regulated equipment.

Fast action would dramatically slow global heating as methane is short-lived in the atmosphere. An emissions cut of 45% by 2030, which the UN says is possible, would prevent 0.3C of temperature rise. Methane emissions therefore present both a grave threat to humanity, but also a golden opportunity to decisively act on the climate crisis.

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