AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 168: “What’s New?”

There are a lot of positives in America and we may not talk about them, so let’s discuss!

Education, want to live and teach in the same area? You can in some areas of California. Stand up for your rights and demand affordable housing. The left over State funds from COVID 19 provides for money for Education. What better way to reward educators, increase their salaries and provide affordable housing.

Have we lost our compassion? In America where profits are more important then people, people suffer and die. Look at Amazon’s safety record. Or ask who’s responsible for OHSA regulator compliance and enforcement of fines? I don’t know, but we should. No reason to wait for the Court system to determine our rights. Where’s the NLRB and corporate enforcement of good corporate governance?

The news on Climate Emissions is not bad. What can solar or wind power do for us? Plenty

Are we humane? Nor when it comes to our penal system. Can we emulate Germany? We can bring compassion and redemption into our consideration of a person’s rights. There are new laws for implementation.

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