AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce While analyzing the 10 worst pollution hot spots in America, the Guardian determined, Hispanic and Black communities are at their epicenter. However, as we’ve discovered, pollution effects us all and doesn’t hover over one area. Birmingham, Atlanta, St. Louis, rural Amish, Pa, Houston and Bakersfield, Ca. have the worst pollution in our country, if you look at the maps showing WHO standards for acceptable levels of pollution, neighborhoods surrounding hotspots and beyond, don’t meet acceptable levels, either. Carbon Emissions are the main source of Pollution. Why aren’t our representatives at the State and Federal level writing new OHSA, EPA and transportation legislation making our air healthier to breathe? Advocating for less pollution benefits everyone.

The worst 10 hotspots for fine particle air pollution in the US have been revealed by The Guardian in an analysis using cutting-edge modelling.

America’s top spot is not a traffic-clogged metropolis or renowned heavy industry zone but a small town surrounded by farmland and mountains.

These findings – based on a model developed by a team of researchers at institutions including the University of Washington – show that, across the contiguous US, the neighborhoods burdened by the worst pollution are overwhelmingly the same places where Black and Hispanic populations live. Race is more of a predictor of air pollution exposure than income level, researchers have found.

Check your own neighborhood’s air pollution in our interactive tool.


“What we’re seeing here is segregation,” said Julian Marshall, professor of environmental engineering at the University of Washington, co-director of the Center for Air, Climate and Energy Solutions and one of the team of researchers that created the computer model. “You have segregation of people and segregation of pollution.”

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