AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce How much longer should taxpayers subsidize the Fossil Fuel Industry? Distracted by culture wars globally, we’re forgetting our planet is warming with dire consequences for the majority. When do people feel a sense of urgency to decrease our dependence on Fossil fuels, plastics and other toxins destroying our lives? I can no longer be silent. Who will join me in protesting our government subsidies and reliance on Fossil fuel donations?

ExxonMobil handed its chief executive a 52% pay increase to $35.9m (£28.7m) for 2022 after the oil company reported its highest ever profits amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Darren Woods’ salary rose by 10% to $1.9m last year while his bonus and share awards surged by 80% compared with the year before. The company said the bumper payday was “reflective of record company earnings and stock price performance”.

ExxonMobil made $56bn in profits, or $6.3m an hour, last year after the war in Ukraine ignited a surge in global oil and gas prices. The company’s record profit was also the highest reported by any western oil company.

In an official company filing, Exxon’s remuneration committee said that under Wood’s leadership the company had “delivered exceptional business results”. Meanwhile, the company’s share price outpaced its industry rivals last year after climbing by 160%.

Its main US rival, Chevron, had a record $36.5bn profit, while the European oil company Shell announced the biggest profits in its 115-year history, at $39.9bn, and BP reported a $27.7bn profit.

The chief executive of BP, Bernard Looney, outraged critics after taking home about £10m last year, a 120% increase from the £4.5m he received in 2021. It was called a “kick in the teeth” to households struggling with their energy bills by campaigners at Global Witness.

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