AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 174: “Suffering in Silence”

We’ve been taught to “Suffer in Silence “, yet we’ll hate the other, and be prepared to commit murder for the right to belong to a Political Party. Why is belonging to a Political organization more important than the lives of fellow Americans?

Why is it more important to own a gun than protecting each other’s lives?

Why is it more important to give tax breaks to Corporations rather than insisting on Union Wages, healthcare and benefits for all Americans making less than $200,000?

Why give away our right to being treated by a physician and allow Judges or Politicians to make healthcare decisions for us?

What kind of Society do you want? Raise your voices in protest and vote against Politicians who limit our freedoms. Do you want good health care? Safety from guns in the streets? Mental health services? Good education? Clean air and clean water?

When we unite to help each other, we can have it all. Who will join me? I can’t suffer in silence anymore.

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