AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Oil leaks occur and destroy drinking water for thousands of Indigenous people and their communities. Oil spills are prevalent and there’s no accountability for imperial Oil or others to alert governments and Indigenous people? Is this the society we want? Fossil Fuels poison our land, destroy our food and water supplies and they’re not held accountable for cleanup and healthcare. Why? This isn’t the naive 1950’s, this is 2023 and extreme heat is devastating farms in India and South East Asia. How many more years can we survive, before recognizing we’re running out of time to save our lives, food and water? It’s no longer sufficient to detail the harm caused by Fossil Fuels, hold them accountable and reduce their Trillion Dollar subsidies. Then cooperate to reverse their actions. We have the technology to survive, we can start using Thorium reactors to power our World. It’s safe, efficient and cleaner than nuclear reactors.

In May, Calgary-based Imperial Oil notified Alberta’s energy regulator it had discovered discoloured water near its Kearl oil sands project.

‘Trust is gone’: First Nation battles oil company and Alberta over toxic water

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The regulator soon concluded the water had come from tailings ponds where the company stored the toxic sludge-like byproducts of bitumen mining. Environmental samples showed high levels of several toxic contaminants, including arsenic, iron, sulphate and hydrocarbon – all of which exceeded provincial guidelines.

But the company failed to notify the federal government and nearby Indigenous communities. In February, there was another leak, in which 5.3m litres of tailings water escaped from an overflowing catchment pond. This time, the community was informed two days later.

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