AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Out of sight, out of mind, that’s how we deal with the Homeless problem today. With 33 apartments available for every 100 people, many are homeless. Resurrecting the HUD Laws of 1937 would guarantee every homeless person a place to live. It would also create a boom in construction and other services. Then, perhaps we can find time to increase our educational proficiency and educate all our citizens? Laws existed to make America the land of “milk and honey”, resurrect the Laws!

I would go back to the original legislation from 1937. And I would say the federal government needs to be held accountable to find affordable housing for the poorest people in this country. No waiting list, no intakes. We don’t care where you were born. We don’t care if you’ve ever gone to jail. We don’t care who lives in your house – you’re eligible! You’ve just gotta fund it.

‘What do we need to feel safe?’ Lives affected by homelessness – in pictures

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The idea is to create units that are mixed income that are spread across the city that are habitable and that poor people can afford to live in.

That’s a tall order!

Yeah, it’s a tall order. It’s a restructuring of a society that has gone so far off kilter. That the idea that people even merit a decent place to live regardless of their income is more foreign to us now than it was in 1937.

It’s like, you’re still trying to rearrange the chairs on the deck of the Titanic and you hit the iceberg 40 years ago.

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