AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Ukraine is capable of hitting targets deep inside Russia with Drones. However, until Ukrainians control their skies, they are at the mercy of Russia’s constant missile bombardment. We’re assured, the counteroffensive will take place soon. It can’t come soon enough, though the Ukrainians have built wind farms to compensate for lost power and have tankers loaded with grain. Now Zelensky has to show Putin, he can take back Ukraine’s territory.

The Russian capital was this week hit by a large-scale drone attack for the first time since the invasion of Ukraine, Andrew Roth and Pjotr Sauer reported. Two people were injured in the raid and several residential buildings suffered minor damage.

But the significance of the attack lay more in highlighting how, in stark contrast to Kyiv, Moscow has so far been shielded from the devastation that Putin’s invasion has inflicted.

Polls have shown that many in the capital have stopped paying attention to the war, as restaurants and bars remain jammed with Muscovites eager to enjoy the warm weather.

Recently there has been an apparent pattern of efforts by Kyiv to hit targets deep inside Russia with drones, according to Peter Beaumont, in attacks designed to bring the war home to Russia’s capital, underlining both the fact that Ukraine is capable of skirting Russian air defences repeatedly and that it has the capacity to strike far inside Russian territory.

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