AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce So many hospitals in America are like the Alina Health System servicing the Midwest. They treat 1/2 of 1% of poor patients ( the standard hospital allocates care to 2% )and turn patients away, if they have $1500 in debt. 100 million Americans have Medical debt. Medical debt is 50% of all Americans debt burden. Have you been mistreated by a hospital or denied care? Use The NY Times form attached to help them investigate your Hospital bills collection and your mistreatment. Or contact the Reverend Barbara, who is advocating Legislation to stop Non profit Hospital Greed. Should the Alina Hospital System be classified a non profit? Should they be allowed to evade $223 million in taxes when they’re not providing a service to their community? What happened to enforcement of our Laws?

Many hospitals in the United States use aggressive tactics to collect medical debt. They flood local courts with collections lawsuits. They garnish patients’ wages. They seize their tax refunds.

But a wealthy nonprofit health system in the Midwest is among those taking things a step further: withholding care from patients who have unpaid medical bills.

Allina Health System, which runs more than 100 hospitals and clinics in Minnesota and Wisconsin and brings in $4 billion a year in revenue, sometimes rejects patients who are deep in debt, according to internal documents and interviews with doctors, nurses and patients.

Although Allina’s hospitals will treat anyone in emergency rooms, other services can be cut off for indebted patients, including children and those with chronic illnesses like diabetes and depression. Patients aren’t allowed back until they pay off their debt entirely.

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