AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 180: “Entrepreneurs The Positives”

The Debt Ceiling will be raised and the alt right is marginalized. Perhaps we can forget the Culture Wars and concentrate on issues of importance.

Medical Research
Global Warming Solutions. I’ve got a doozie, ever heard of “Rock Flour”?

On my wish list is supporting the Entrepreneur Community through our YouTube Community on TheVoiceOfJoyce. Me

I’d like to interview Entrepreneurs, sell their products and give them startup money. Will you help me? Does this interest you enough to be involved and contribute?

Know an Entrepreneur?
Contact me at:
I’ve got a few ideas of my own that would help GenX succeed in the Marketplace.

See you next week from Habatat Galleries, Troy Michigan. We’ll look at new ideas in Glass together.

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