AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce How can we phase out the use of Fossil Fuels when our governments subsidize them in the Trillions, approve pipelines and new drilling sites. Do you know why the Southern US has manufacturing? Energy from coal is cheap and there are no Unions, that’s why the south attracts manufacturing. We’re on track to produce 110% more oil, gas and coal by 2030? Only the oil barons will reap the profits, while the rest of us continue to suffer from the heat, drought, loss of resources, pollution and illness. Since the Fossil Fuel Industry , spends $100’s Millions to Lobby for their cause, they don’t need any Country’s subsidies.

Canada is on fire from coast to coast to coast. Thousands have been evacuated, millions exposed to air pollution, New York a doom orange and even the titans of Wall Street choking.

Catastrophic flooding in Pakistan, back-to-back cyclones in the Pacific islands and droughts in Africa haven’t been enough to create a tipping point for action. Now that climate impacts have hit the economic capital of western power, will it spur governments in the global north to get serious?

Fears of hottest year on record as global temperatures spike

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A lack of scientific knowledge about climate change is not the barrier. Nor is a lack of cleaner, safer, cheaper energy alternatives. The IPCC said as much last year – the barrier is vested fossil fuel interests putting their profit above our safety.

We know exactly which fossil fuel companies are robbing us of clean air and a secure future. We can now measure which oil companies are responsible for wildfires (13 operate in Canada), but oil executives are still calling the shots.

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