AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 184: “Solutions”

I’m curious about our World. I see our problems and I hunt for solutions.

I’m concerned about Climate Change. According to scientific studies at Crawford Lake, Ontario, we’re at a pivot point. Since the 1950’s, man has impacted our planet negatively. The good news, it’s correctable if we start now.

What stops us? The Fossil Fuel Industry. They spend $100’s of millions on Lobbyists and Social Media, creating Climate Denial and misinformation. They even help keep regulators from making Social Media Platforms safe from hate and violence.

In the EU and Australia & GB they’ve got regulations to protect citizen privacy. They’re the GDPR’s. We can adopt them here and/or change Section 230 of the FCC Communications Decency Act.

Better to be curious, face the truth, even when uncomfortable, then be numb or too busy to advocate for solutions to our problems!

Mental Health
Gun Violence

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