AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce LA now has 75,000 homeless people, NYC has 100,000. The UN is investigating the LA problem, since 6 people a day are dying on the streets. America is in crisis. Most of the homeless folks are African Americans, over 50, and too poor to afford the rent increases. 50% suffer from mental illness or drug addictions. Our Country has a poor record of dealing with these problems. During the worst heat wave to date and the poor air quality, we’re dooming them to an early death. Rent stabilization would solve part of the problem. Building communal housing with separate bedrooms and baths is a solution. We’ve got many areas where we can build infrastructure to accommodate the homeless. We have choices to make about our society. Once we’ve made those choices, we can elect different people to Government and live in a more humane and technologically savvy society.

there was a sharper increase in people considered “unsheltered”, defined as those living outside in tents, cars, RVs and other makeshift encampments. The unsheltered population increased by 14% from 2022 to 2023, with more than 50,156 people living outside, making up 70% of the overall homeless population. The number of homeless people living indoors in shelters has remained steady at roughly 20,000 people.

Who’s unhoused in California? Largest study in decades upends myths

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The counts are a rough estimate gathered between 24 to 26 January of this year, and the numbers have previously been found to be an undercount.

The data comes amid an escalating humanitarian catastrophe in the most populous county in America, which has prompted scrutiny from the United Nations and where an average of six unhoused people are now dying each day. Overdoses have been driving the sharp increase in fatalities of people living outside, along with heart disease, traffic accidents, homicides, hypothermia and heat exhaustion.

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