TheVoiceOfJoyce As our leaders ignore the benefits of mitigating weather extremes and pollution, scientists continue to investigate food sources that withstand heat and drought. The grass pea is another food product, stripped of its toxicity, that can flourish globally and provide nitrogen rich soil. There are a long list of products that will sustain us. When will farmers embrace them? Perhaps in our “civilized “ world, taking away subsidies is encouragement. It would be novel to support nations, industries and people dedicated to creating a sustainable future. No need to mine sea beds for EV’s, we can recycle batteries for Lithium, without further destroying our Oceans. Surely, it’s past time for Politicians to focus on our infrastructure & industries and create a multitude of healthier jobs.

once stripped of its toxic effects, the grass pea could have a crucial role to play in a world that has been afflicted by the consequences of the climate emergency. “We should not underestimate the potential of grass pea across the world,” said Edwards. “It’s a legume, and bacteria in its roots make fertiliser by converting nitrogen in the air into ammonium compounds, which it releases into the soil and improves it.

“It also has an enormous root system that goes deep into the ground. So growing the grass pea could play a major role in improving soil fertility across the planet – in the west as well as in arid countries in the Middle East and Africa.”

Dr Peter Emmrich from the Norwich Institute for Sustainable Development, who is one of the scientists working to develop safe varieties of the grass pea, said: “As we prepare for increased climate change, we are going to need crops that can cope with drought or flooding or inundations of salt water. Grass pea can survive such conditions.”

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