TheVoiceOfJoyce Federal receivership of Riker’s Island has become a necessity. Mayor Adam’s , the City of NY and the Dept of Corrections have failed to maintain minimal standards at Riker’s, violating inmates Constitutional rights. If Contempt is the first step towards a Federal takeover of this prison, many of us , in the NYC community, welcome the judge’s decision. How many Court orders must go unanswered, before we see justice?

A court-appointed monitor is urging a judge to begin contempt proceedings against New York City over conditions at the troubled Rikers Island jail complex, setting the stage for a potential federal takeover of the jail system in the nation’s most populous city.

In a report filed Monday in Manhattan federal court, the monitor said the city had failed to comply with a series of court orders that aimed to curb violence and mismanagement inside Rikers Island.

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The report comes less than a month after a federal judge indicated that she would consider placing the jail in receivership, an extraordinary intervention that would end New York City’s control over one of the nation’s largest and most famous jails.

New York City mayor Eric Adams has vigorously opposed a federal takeover. The judge’s decision could come as soon as next month.

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