TheVoiceOfJoyce When it comes to funding the Fossil Fuel Industry , it’s up to governments to stop rewarding them. Every oil company queried is backing off Climate pledges in favor of profits. The GOP Party Platform concurs with the oil majors and doesn’t support Climate Mitigation. I wonder, do any of the principles of oil companies, actually walk among us? If they did, like me, they’d be brain dead from the heat for several hours. I won’t die from the heat, I’m lucky, I can choose to stay in my air conditioned home. What about everyone else on this Planet? Many are definitely unlucky , suffering from extreme weather, heat, fires, loss of water resources, crop failures. Defending borders will be a major concern, as migrants flee their inhabitable land. While I may seek the refuge of movies, for several hours, what are our leaders doing to alleviate Global heating? Some could cut Fossil Fuel subsidies and insist on new EPA STANDARDS. We can rewild farmland. We can tap into the Indigenous way of life and rejuvenate our wetlands and rivers. We can collect water and moisture from torrential rains. So much can be done to save us. Who has the vision?

Amid record-shattering warmth this February, BP scaled back an earlier goal of lowering its emissions by 35% by 2030, saying it will aim for a 20 to 30% cut instead. ExxonMobil quietly withdrew funding for a heavily publicized effort to use algae to create low-carbon fuel. And Shell announced that it would not increase its investments in renewable energy this year, despite earlier promises to dramatically slash its emissions.

Climate-fueled extreme weather persisted through spring and summer. But fossil fuel companies have only doubled down on their oil- and gas-filled business models. Shell promised to cut oil production by 20% by 2030, but then this year said it already met that goal by selling off some operations to another oil company –thereby not reducing emissions in the atmosphere. BP has also expanded gas drilling. And Exxon’s CEO, Darren Woods, told an industry conference last month that his company plans to double the amount of oil produced from its US shale holdings within the next five years.

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