AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 187: “AI & ChatGPT”

Our dysfunctional Party System of Government isn’t protecting you and me. If we were Corporations or Lobbyists for Corporations our Rights would be protected. The People of these United States are no longer constituents, Corporations claim that vaulted positions. Us, who we are, everything we purchase and say is used by Social Media Platforms & to make them rich. I want to be paid for using my data. Don’t you? In India individuals are paid every time their data is used. Precedent. Suing Biden for curtailing Conservative speech is absurd. No one limits speech on the internet. That’s why we need Regulations. After Watching Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 1, I’m convinced based on our lack of choices when signing Terms and Conditions, we have zero privacy over our data and it’s a necessity. ChatGPT will alter our lives and not in a good way. Do you want all your secrets exposed to public scrutiny? Do you want to watch lies about yourself and no way to stop them? Capitalism is not Democracy. To thrive as a United States we need government separate from Corporate profits. A return to government by the People for the People.

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