TheVoiceOfJoyce 31 days of extreme heat in Arizona. Wildfires out of control in California and Nevada. Ocean temperatures in excess of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This is an emergency. We can sue the Fossil Fuel Industry for lying about the consequences of burning fossil fuels and we can start reducing their subsidies to finance programs to save life! When I attended a Techonomy Climate Conference in March, I think attendees were optimistic, when they stated we have 5 years to reduce our dependence on Fossil Fuels. If we don’t declare a Climate Emergency now, who will remain? Climate change effects us unequally. The poor suffer more then the middle class. Staying indoors, with air conditioning , during a heat wave, is not a solution. Declaring a Climate Emergency now, save lives.

Over 50 million Americans remain under a heat advisory in one of the hottest summers ever recorded, and a heatwave continues to affect vast parts of the country.

Nasa recently confirmed June was the hottest June ever.

The hot and dry weather in the south-west of the US has set off a wave of wildfires. California and Nevada are currently battling a major fire that is uncontrolled. Another out-of-control fire that originated in Washington state has spread into Canada, forcing residents in the town of Osoyoos, British Columbia, to evacuate.

Sunday marked the 31st consecutive day where temperatures reached at least 110F (43.3C) in Phoenix, Arizona. The city’s previous record was 18 days in June 1974.

Doctors in the region reported a rise in first-, second-, and third-degree contact-burn cases, some fatal, amid extreme heat conditions.

The reports of severe burn incidents came from hospitals in Arizona and Nevada, where deaths from heat-related conditions have surged.

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