AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 189: “CGI & US”

The Nobel Prize winners are setting up a Committee to study AI. Sure they’ll have recommendations in a decade. Too late to help Democracy now. Excellent Universities are studying AI and ChatGPT, but they’re being denied access to the algorithms they’re studying. The GOP doesn’t want government investigating AI. That’s absurd. Corporations thrive without accountability. Third party commerce is how Social Media companies make money. Do you want to continue to be their product? Do you want control of your Data? If Yes, we need Regulations. If we want control, Congress must be funded and educated on Technology. Stop denigrating Experts in Math and Science, they’re needed to educate Congressional Representatives. Do you want to let Corporations decide what you see, read or think? If not, support knowledge, accountability and Regulation. Think about Voting for folks who represent you with smarts. 2023 is a pivotal year in many ways.

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